Free Albert Wilson

    This happened in 2016, Albert Wilson (20), She was 17 (White), they were both underaged at a bar, Albert used his friends ID while the girl was never asked to show one. They kissed and had some fun and he allegedly lifted up her skirt and sexually assaulted her (she says) then he led her out of the club “stumbling” to his house a few blocks away (she says) he then held her down and raped her. (Once again this is what she says)
    His side-
    She didn’t even seem intoxicated at all he said, he said he did invite her to his house (which she agreed to, which I don’t understand because if she was uncomfortable with him “sexually assaulting” her at the bar why would she then follow him to his house? Anyways...) he says the messed around but never had sex. After she claimed rape a rape kit was done.. NO SEMEN and NO DNA was shown, surveillance was checked and the tapes showed she was never stumbling like she claimed, surveillance also shows that they were only in his house for 5 minutes (doesn’t mean that a rape can’t happen in 5 minutes but it goes against everything she claimed)
    At the trial an all white almost all female jury found Albert Wilson guilty of Rape. Albert just graduated college and although this was his first offense (with doubt and evidence on his side) he was sentenced to a 12 year sentence, lifetime probation, and must register as a sex offender.
    This is an issue for me for many reasons... it’s sad when within the same time frame you have Brock Turner, a white male who was actually caught IN THE ACT of sexual assault/rape of a woman and only served 3 months of a 6 month sentence and 3 year probation. You cannot sit here and give a black man 12 years, lifetime probation and must register as a sex offender when there was no true evidence of him committing the crime.... when all the jury and judge is relying on is the claim that a 17 year old white girl was raped when evidence shows otherwise. And yet you give a WHITE man that was caught in the act of rape with all the evidence supporting the sexual assault and he only served 3 months of a 6 month sentence and a 3 year probation. Brock Turner is a proven sex offender and yet does not have to register as one, Broke Turner raped a girl and that girl never truly got justice when her rapist is now living a free life and only had an original 6 months sentence but only served 3 months.
    This is not fair to Albert Wilson, this is called racism in all my books.
    It strikes my heart with pain when I think of all my black peers who could end up in the same situation as Albert Wilson did. It hurts when I pray at night for my boyfriend that every day he is protected by God which I know he is but sometimes it isn’t enough because still everyday black men and women are wrongfully accused and murdered in cold blood of a white cop. This effects me as a White girl with a black environment, black friends, black family and a black boyfriend because those are the people I care about. I don’t see skin tone when I tell them I love them I don’t see our differences through our ethnicity’s, I see the beauty in all of it. Love has no color, being kind is free. Being just and fair in this generation is hard to maintain but we can achieve it.
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