Medicaid for Hard Working Americans

Our Medicaid system is something that we have all paid in to and continue to pay in to. Unfortunately it is a system that only benefits those who refuse to work and contribute to society. I watch on a daily basis at work, people who come here from out of the country just for free healthcare that is exorbently expensive like dialysis treatments. These patients have never been in the US or been US citizens at any point in their lives. Yet I see americans who just need a regular doctor appointment, denied any assistance at all because they make $60/month too much while on unemployment which is almost half of what they made when they were employed. These people have paid in to the system and yet get nothing in return. I also see gang members who need health care and are given it free. They don't give anything positive to our communities, they don't pay in to the system but they get money from the system to cover their housing, food and medical. The americans that work hard to support their families should be able to get assistance when things have happened to cause a deficit and a need for them. Hard working Americans are the ones hurting the most and deserve the assistance more than the rest who have not done a thing to contribute to this country in any way. It is time we help those who work hard to make this country what it was meant to be.

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