Ban the killing of healthy foxhounds!

It is estimated that around 4,000 Foxhounds are killed EVERY year in the UK if they are found unsuitable or show weakness. Week old pups are killed if they are found not strong enough. Whilst usually shot in the head, there are claims the dogs are sometimes clubbed to death.

It is seen as normal to shoot & incinerate hounds when they are no longer productive or if they fail in any way. They are killed at HALF their life expectancy at the age of 4-5 years.

The hounds are punished if they chase the wrong scent. As soon as they are born they are taught to be savage, usually by throwing an innocent fox cub amongst them, which is heartless and cruel in itself as the cubs suffer too for this barbaric activity. All this is not the hounds' natural instinct. If they are not found savage enough they are destroyed.

Old dogs are replaced in a constant cycle & shot without remorse and burned. More hounds are bred than needed.
Some hounds are killed when out hunting if they run out of control. This must stop and MUST STOP NOW for the hounds' sake and also the little innocent cubs involved in this.

Unsuitable or old hounds could easily be rehomed instead of being killed. This is not an impossible thing to happen.

Please sign my petition to ban the killing of dogs where rehoming is possible (excluding compassionate euthanasia of dogs that are suffering).

Update #512 days ago
Hi everyone, thanks so much for signing. Just to let you know we've now sent your signatures to Defra, and we await their response. Thanks again!
Update #43 months ago
There are less than 185,000 signatures so far. Many more are needed to show the government how we feel. The signatures have virtually stopped now so PLEASE keep sharing the petition so as many people have the chance to sign. If everyone who has signed already could get at least one person to sign that would be amazing, Thank you
Update #34 months ago
148,179 signatures so far! Thank you everyone for signing and sharing. Let us try to reach at least 250,000 so PLEASE keep sharing for the hounds` sake, Thank you
Update #14 months ago
4911 signatures so far, Please keep sharing where you can. Thank you
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