Saving Tess

Help save  Tess.. Tess is a German Shepherd who has captured our Hearts. Tess was  tied up outside since before Hurricane Sandy with no shelter, She howled all day and night according to a neighbor who alerted the media. The NJSPCA took the dog to their vet and said the dog was in good health but should be totally fine in two weeks this makes no sence. If the dog was in good health then why will she be better in two weeks? This dog was clearly neglected and returned to her neglectful owners. The only reason this dog was taken to the vet was because of the media and the outpouring of concern. Help us get Tess to a shelter who is wiling to find  her a good home where a family will treat her kindly and give her a warm dry bed and plenty of food , water and love. Please sign this petition.There is a rescue willing to take her and find her a loving home. This is what we want for Tess.


Since the news broke this story, animal lovers from all over have showed concern for Tess's well being. We saw  Tess tied to a railing. We saw the yard filled with garbage. We saw Tess howling for attention. We saw the wound on her neck. Abuse was clearly shown.We heard the neigbor tell the reporter that Tess was tied outside during Hurricane Sandy and since then. She told the reporter how the constant howling was breaking her heart. These are the facts we  have.This is why we would like the owners to surrender Tess to the rescue who is willing to take  her . We are asking that you give her the chance to have what she deserves.He is a young dog who deserves grass under his feet at the very least and to be able to run or go for a walk. I doubt this dog will ever have that chance where he is now. We want to know why the owners want to keep a dog they clearly do not care for. We deserve to know the status of this dog.I am sure If I kept the petition going for TEZ I could have gotten 10,000 signatures. However if we do not get at least some proof of how TEZ is there will be another petition with 10,000 signatures. Please give us the courtsey of an answer as to: How is TEZ/ medical care/ living conditions/ his weight. We will be waiting.

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