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I have been a brony for the past 3 years, and let me say this, it has been a big part of my life.  Hello, my name is Tim.  Those who frequent memebase may know me better as the "Overly Attached Brony".  In the past week I have seen something that has saddened me greatly.  Bronies around around the world have been voicing their feelings of separation from the fandom.  I am creating this petition to remind those bronies that we are all still here.  In the last few weeks we, as a fandom have dealt with multiple events that have caused some to divide the fandom, such as show events, the cancellation of Mane6's Fighting is Magic, and the overcast potential of season 4 of Friendship is Magic.  Let me say that as a Brony, I have my preferences on these topics, however NOTHING could take away my love for my fellow bronies.  I do not call myself a brony simply because I enjoy the show, or its toy line.  I call myself a brony because I am proud to present myslef as a member of a group committed to fellowship and to making the world a better place.  This petition is to remind you all what we stand for.  Our brothers and sisters are being lost because we have perpetuated a division that was rumored to come from this past season's beginning.  I will not let that happen.  To those who feel lost, WE'RE STILL HERE.  To those who feel disconnected, WE STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE AND TOLERANCE.  To those who are still a big part of the fandom, WE ARE NEEDED by our fellow bronies.  I ask that any brony committed to the further prospering and fellowship of the brony community PLESAE SIGN THIS PETITION.  Show the world we are still here, ready to take action, but most of all show those who have lost faith that we are still a group worth believeing in!

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