Limit the use of credit checks for necessities in life

How many more good people and their families/kids have to be homeless because of identity theft or credit problems out of their control? Or, maybe their credit problems was their fault during bad economic times and now things are better... they apply for a house... they get denied. Read for DETAILS.

So... you applied for a house (or an apartment) sometimes even a room... they check your credit... DENIED... You apply for 100 more places... get denied... now you and your kids have to sleep on a park bench hiding from Human Services before they snatch up your kids for something you didn't do and was out of your control. Did you know 80% of EVERY homeless person in America was the direct result of either credit issues or income from not being able to find employment?

So here's what I propose... make it ILLEGAL to DENY an applicant when applying for a necessity in life (house/apt/place to live, utility, etc.). The person providing the necessity may still raise their initial costs (to a limit) based on credit but they may NOT deny based on credit. Credit issues can be caused from identity theft - why should we have to suffer and become homeless because someone stole your identity or used your social security number for something? Credit issues can be caused from things beyond your control such as a faulty company or scam overcharging you and refusing to fix the problem and now it's on your credit report - what if that company was a utility company which caused a ripple effect causing you to move in the middle of a lease - now you owe an apartment complex (true story) - what if your credit issues is your fault? Perhaps it happened during a bad economic time or when you lost your job - now you have a job again - getting things back in order - still getting denied a place to lay your head - or worse - a place to lay your kids head. Look at the picture. Is this the generation we want living on the streets? Fix the situation. MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO DENY A NECESSITY BASED ON A CREDIT CHECK - END OF STORY - WE NEED THIS LAW PASSED. THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS DIRECTLY THE RESULT OF GOOD PEOPLE BECOMING HOMELESS

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