Stop the Open Slaughter of Tigers in Vietnam

All Tiger subspecies are protected from deliberate killing and selling, world wide. 

Vietnam is currently proposing to legalise the sales of tiger body parts. See article:

  This is being done due to the false Chinese Traditional Medicines and myths written 3000 years ago in the the Chinese Materia Medica. (The Chinese Medical Manual)  This use has been proven to be false. However the cultural beliefs of this continue and it is driving species to extinction.

In Vietnam it has been identified by ENV ( and many other wildlife organisations, that there is widespread illegal Tiger trafficking

A man by the name of Mr Nguyen Mau Oai, of the Tho Xuan district, Vietnam has been breeding and slaughtering Tigers to make into glue and many other illegal items in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The authories know and have not acted. Here is the link - I have no idea why we must urge the authorities of Vietnam to act, but we have to. The current Tigers are now fully grown and are ready to be slaughtered. Please sign and share far and wide and urge the Vietnamese Government to act now.


To the Goverment of Vietnam, all Wildlife Authorities and Vietnamese Police.

It has come the worlds attention that some Vietnamese citizens are conducting illegal breeding and illegal wildlife trade of the critically endangered Tigers.

Additionally, Vietnam is proposing to legalise tiger body parts, effectively legalising proven false medicines and criminal activity.

See article -

These breeding/trading practices are being done due to the false beliefs in Tradtional Chinese Medicines (TCM) animal body part use.

It has been scientifically proven that these TCM's hold no medicinal qualities and that TCM is the number one cause of poaching and illegal activities related to the Tiger.  If you are unaware of these facts, we will be more than happy to provide you with all proofs and evidence.

There are fewer as 3200 Tigers left in the wild worldwide, from Russia to Sumatra.  They are protected under the CITES agreement in which Veitnam has been a signator since 20th April 1994. On signing the CITES agreement you agreed to protect the Tiger, which is an Appendix 1 listed species. The Tiger is also listed as a protected species under the Vietnamese law, no hunting, breeding, selling, trading of them is to occur.

However, numerous reports are surfacing of the ongoing elicit breeding of these protected species. One such case widely published in the media occurring in the Tho Xuan district of Vietnam. See article -

Numerous other cases have been identified through various conservation and wildlife agencies.

We urge the Vietnamese Government authorities, including but not limited to, the Vietnamese Police, the Vietnamese Departement of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Vietnamse Wildlife Department, to address this illegal Tiger breeding and trade issue immediately and to help bring an end to the world wide un natural extinction of all Tiger sub-species.


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