The U.S. Just Sided With Countries That Execute LGBTQ People

When you side with 13 countries that include China, Saudi Arabia and Iraq on the death penalty or LGBTQ rights, you are probably on the wrong side.

But that's what the U.S. just did when it voted AGAINST the UN resolution condemning the death penalty for gay sex. Which means, in short, that the U.S. publicly acknowledged that the death penalty is an option when it comes to the LGBTQ community around the world.

The "imposition of the death penalty as a sanction for specific forms of conduct, such as apostasy, blasphemy, adultery and consensual same-sex relations" is not something that any government in a developed, modern country can support, yet that is what the U.S. has done.

Currently six countries use the death penalty to punish people in same-sex relationships: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia. By voting against this resolution, the U.S. has backed these countries' actions.

Shame. Shame on the administration for siding with money, for choosing corruption over basic human rights, and for siding with death instead of tolerance.

The U.S. needs to right this wrong and publicly change its vote. Sign now to demand that the U.S. revokes support for the death penalty, especially in cases in which it is a blatant excuse to override human rights and punish communities for just existing.


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