Law Enforcement Personnel Should Have Mandatory Liability Insurance

    There have been so many articles in the news about law enforcement misconduct in the past few years.

      Whenever an officer is sued the taxpayers pay and the officer is seldom dismissed. Some of those officers go on to have legal issues again in their career as police.

    The public outcry for police reform is growing. The issue of Police Reform is very complex. We do not want to jeopardize our officers' well being or penalize the good officers but, the American Police Departments desperately need reform.

    Americans are constantly asking what can be done about this crisis in our society. I believe that the easiest solution to both problems is to have mandatory liability insurance for Law enforcement personnel who interact with the public. The insurance companies will decide whether an officer is a risk. This will weed out the bad actors and assist cities with the large settlement bills.

    Law enforcement officers should be able to write the cost of their liability insurance off on their taxes as a business or employment expense. This would likely create more jobs in the insurance fields, too.

    Please sign my petition and help make society safer and better for all of us!
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