Demand Justice for the truth Behind Nipsey Hussle's assassination

    On 3/31/2019 the world was notified of the assassination of Nipsey Hussle. We have been told several different versions of the events that led up to his untimely demise. Nipsey born Ermias Asghedom, was said to have came to his clothing store "Marathon" to get clothes for a friend whom had just did a 20yr stent in the California correctional facility. After hearing an interview with the said friend, who's name is, Kerry Latham, it has been confirmed that Mr. Latham had happened to see, Nipsey at his store & stopped by to get a shirt, because the one he had on was dingy. Mr. Latham states he was on his way to visit a friend whom had lost their parent, when he saw Nipsey. The shirt Mr Latham wanted a shirt that wasn't in stock and was told Nipsey could tell him when they would be in. Mr Latham states that once he walked outside everything went haywire and his spine was chipped in the process. Mr Latham states he had been out of prison for about 7 months. So the story that Nipsey went to Marathon to get clothes for him doesn't add up. Mr Latham has since been reincarnated for violation of parole, for being around a known hang member. The same known gang member,whom was honered by the same judicial system for his phylanthopist and Pilar of his community. We the people demand an autopsy. We the people demand to see the video footage from every working camera in the strip mall.
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