Ban This Cat Abuser from Instagram

It's an act of stomach-churning narcissism and animal cruelty. In October 2017, an attention-seeking Ukrainian fitness enthusiast posted pictures of her cat being tattooed on Instagram.

The would-be model's goal: to make the cat "as glamorous as her."

At Care2, we believe that the animals we take into our lives are more than just things to be used and exploited as a person wishes. We believe that our animal companions should be treated with compassion and care.

And we believe in stopping animal cruelty wherever we see it. The Ukrainian woman's actions didn't just subject her cat to unnecessary pain and dangerous sedation. They could also encourage others to follow the woman's lead in tattooing their pets.

That's why we're calling on Instagram to ban this would-be celebrity from its site and deny her the fame she so desperately seeks. The woman who tattooed her cat may face criminal animal cruelty charges in Ukraine, but she may not. Denying her the use of Instagram will deliver swift justice and send a powerful message to other would-be animal abusers.

Take a stand against animal cruelty! Add your name now and urge Instagram to bar this woman from its platform.

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