Demand for Judge Sophia Crawford to be fired now!!!

Judge Sophia Crawford abused her authority by giving William Wall joint custody of his kids and then changed her ruling giving the mother full and legal custody after William left the courtroom and failed to notify him. Judge Sophia Crawford also goes to church and is friends with the mother of the children. Judge Sophia Crawford failed to hear criminal contempts William Wall filed on the mother. She still has not heard the contempts and they were filed in November against the mother for violating court orders. Judge Sophia Crawford was suppose to hear the criminal contempts before deciding on child custody and she has refused. She was asked to remove herself because of her relationship with the plaintiff but she failed to do so. William had not seen his daughter for 7 months because the judge refused to hear the criminal contempts William filed on the mother for not following court orders. Judge Sophia Crawford needs to step down as a judge. I'm calling for her resignation.
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