Tell President Trump: No Military Parade

  • af: Sarah R
  • mål: Donald J. Trump, The Pentagon leadership

Last week, Donald J. Trump delivered his first State of the Union address as the 45th President of the United States. This is a normal rite of passage that usually involves a president celebrating him or herself and passes without incident. But under Trump, it took a very dark turn. When Democrats "failed" to applaud and worship him for his speech, Trump publicly raged at these lawmakers, saying they are "un-American" and guilty of treason. Treason. A crime punishable by death. For simply not clapping at his speech.

Less than a week later, he's raising the stakes of his chilling rhetoric. Apparently, demanding that politicians fawn over him is not enough. To demonstrate the country's allegiance to him, he needs something more.

Now, CNN is reporting that President Trump has asked the Pentagon to organize a military parade after he watched one in France.

This is America, not a fascist state. The idea that the president would request a military parade isn't just ridiculous — it's frightening. Especially because this comes on the heels of Trump asserting that those who don't clap for his speeches are guilty of treason and arguing that he doesn't have to speak to special prosecutors.

Military parades belong in North Korea, not America.

Demand President Trump not go forward with his plans for a military parade.

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