Ariana Grande Should Be a True LGBTQ Ally and Drop Out of Coachella

LGBTQ ally Ariana Grande is slated to perform at the Coachella music festival this year. There's only one problem: the owner of Coachella is super anti-LGBTQ.

That's why we're asking her to drop out of the festival as a protest. 

Ariana Grande is so successful that dropping out on principle is probably manageable for her. And since her brother is a gay man and she is definitely pro-LGBTQ rights, it would be inspiring to see her use her influence to make some change in the world. 

The owner of the Coachella Valley Music Festival, Phil Anschutz, actively supports anti-LGBTQ, anti-marijuana and climate denying groups with donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And in 2015, Coachella drew nearly 200,000 attendees, generating almost $85 million, a portion of which we sadly now know went to organizations actively fighting to deny human rights to LGBTQ people. 

Ariana has a real chance to here to make a difference by sending the message that she won't grace the stage for a man who harms people she loves. 

Please sign if you want to ask Ariana to drop out of Coachella too!
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