Expell Josh Hawley from the Senate

Whereas the United States Senator from Missouri Josh Hawley promoted the baseless claim that President Donald Trump was cheated out of re-election in the 2020 pesidential election,

and whereas he helped support the chalenge to the ceritification of the election of Joseph Biden in said elecfion on the floor of the United States Congress on Jabuary 6, 2021,

and said challege helped inspire Trump supporters to then storm the Capitol Building with the intent to loot it and harm Vice-President Michael Pence and the members of Congress inside,

and whereas Senator Hawley raised his fist to the rioters as a show of support;

therefore, we the undersigned hereby request that the United States Senate expell Senator Hawley for his actions that helped lead to the insurrection that resulted in five deaths and over 100 injuries.

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