Demand all networks commit to not airing Trump’s speeches without fact checking his lies!

  • af: OD Action
  • mottagare: Major News Network CEOs

Our news networks have had five years to recognize that most of what comes out of Trump's mouth is a complete lie, and at best a half-lie. And yet, many of them still choose to consider his speeches to be news, rather than baseless self-serving propaganda.

In the early days of the pandemic, several news sources announced they would stop airing the White House Coronavirus Task Force press conferences, due to the heavy amount of deadly misinformation. And during Trump's recent campaign-rally-disguised-as-a-press-conference in the Rose Garden, we witnessed something wonderful: Fox News providing minimal live fact-checking.

Add your name to tell news networks they must provide live fact-checking if they choose to air Trump's lie-filled speeches.

Trump's words have clout among his followers. It's never been more evident than now, as many Americans violently refuse to wear masks and call COVID-19 a hoax, even as it's killed more than half-a-million people worldwide.

But his power can only reach as far as we allow it to. Our media has a responsibility for their complicity in giving his words airtime – it's time they acknowledge their role and provide live fact-checking.

Sign here to demand networks live fact-check Trump's speeches if they choose to broadcast them.

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