This Distressed Joey Was Found In An Australia Post Mailbox- Help Find The Culprits!

  • af: Care2 Team
  • mottagare: The Queensland Government

This innocent baby joey was pushed through the swing door parcel opening in a red street mailbox and became increasingly distressed once stuck inside. The joey's health declined and had to be rushed to a wildlife hospital after being rescued.

Sign now and demand the Queensland government start an investigation into this act of animal cruelty!

At around 6.30am a customer heard distressing noises emminating from a postal box and decided to call the Fire Brigade and an Australia post associate to assist further. Kangaroos are a national symbol of Australia and usually non threatening to humans, so why then did someone feel the need commit a unethical and cruel act and shove a baby joey into a mailbox in the Gold Coast suburb of Pimpara? 

The people who commited this horrible act of animal abuse may have thought it was funny at the time although they were actually causing a helpless animal to have unnecesary physical and emotional trauma. Please sign and help find these rutheless animal abusers!

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