Trump: Don't Ban Immigration from Muslim Majority Countries!

  • af: Ann W
  • mottagare: President Donald Trump

Newly elected President Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand the foundation upon which the USA was founded. We are a nation of immigrants and our welcome of "Give us your poor, your tired and your hungry" is the hallmark of our country. It's what the world admires most about us. However, President Trump is throwing that all away with a promise to ban immigrants from Muslim majority countries. This goes against the grain of our democracy!

According to The Hill: Several immigration experts and congressional aides briefed on the matter told Reuters that visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen will be primarily affected by the new order.

While some may argue that banning Muslims is the only way to keep terrorists out of our country, that is simply not true. We do not discriminate against religion!

We are going through trying times. Now is the time to speak up and stand up for our American values! Please tell President Trump NOT to issue an immigration ban!

Dear President Trump,

We (the undersigned) are against your planned order to place a temporary ban on immigrants from Muslim majority countries.

We ask that you refer to the history of America and realize that discriminating against religion goes against our very fabric.

We do not want to live in a nation gripped in fear and bigotry. Please show the world that we can stand strong against terrorists without sacrificing our basic values.


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