Massage Envy Must Take Responsibility For Sexual Assault At Their Chains

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More than 180 people have filed claims or police reports against Massage Envy and their therapists for sexual assault and most of them were mishandled, discounted or ignored.

In this moment when people are finally taking sexual assault seriously, we must insist companies like Massage Envy actually take responsibility for what happens at their bussiness. 

Accounts of therapists groping and fingering women, pressing erect penises against clients and even raping them, etc. are abounding. Clients also can easily take advantage of therapists. It seems like Massage Envy doesn't care, given their policies actually make it difficult for people to report and be taken seriously.

Massage Envy has rarely fired offending therapists. Meaning there are most certainly repeat offenders that they are doing nothing about. Massage Envy does not require their franchises to report these types of crimes to local law enforcement, ensuring that many get swept under the rug. Sign the petition to demand they change this policy.

Massage therapists actually face more sexual assault themselves than folks in many other professions. If Massage Envy ignored claims against their therapists, I'm sure they also ignored claims against their clients. It's obvious the chain cares more about reputation and money than the safety of people working for them or clients coming to them.

It's also true that a minority of people even report their assault. So it stands to reason there has been even more abuse in these chains than we know about. Please sign the petition to demand Massage Envy requires their franchises to report every single allegation of abuse to local law enforcement.
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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has issues subpoenas for four Massage Envy chains in Illinois. Her aim is to figure out if employees are trained appropriately on this issue. We need other states to follow suit. Keep sharing the petition and ask your state Attorney General to follow Madigan's lead!
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