Demanding the end of Kids in cages

For a while now Mexican kids are taken from there families because of there race. It shouldn't be that way. We are all human and have feelings. We should all be treated the same. Kids are being thrown in cages, killed, raped, etc. These kids can't change who they are and it's not there fault. It's horrible. We need to change this. It has to stop.  They are trying to have a better life in America but we make it worse. We need to help them. Thousand even millions of kid sepurated from there families. They aren't given  much food or water, beaten, raped, killed. It's getting even worse because they are in bigger danger. That is because of Covid-19. They are so crowded and weak that they more dieing each and every day. I wouldn't want this to happen to any of my family members or friends and I bet you wouldn't want it to happen to family and friends. Just how they feel and how it could happene you,your family, friends and help change it. That is why I wright this and with your help we can stop it so please sign my petition and do the right thing.

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