Stop asking the public to trap and kill grey squirrels in Knowsley.

Grey squirrels are under urgent threat in Knowsley and surrounding areas!

Knowsley Safari Park have teamed up with Reclaiming Reds, a group that is seeking to exterminate grey squirrels under the guise of "conservation". One of the methods they are employing is encouraging members of the public to loan traps from them, in order to catch and kill squirrels on private land. They are offering training to people to catch and kill grey squirrels.

This normalisation of violence towards wildlife is absolutely disgraceful! 

Grey squirrels are wrongly blamed for the decline in reds, as the data shows that human activities and habitat loss are the culprits. 

The scheme has been given £100k of lottery funding,  and seems to be seeking to eliminate grey squirrels, without plans to provide habitat for, or introduce, red squirrels.

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