Demand TV networks stop booking Trump's lying mouthpieces and letting them gaslight the public!

The Trump Administration is threatening to sue the cable news network CNN because CNN released a poll with results Trump didn't like, showing Joe Biden leading by a 14 point margin. The poll is in step with many others conducted recently.

But Trump's claim is factually and legally baseless. And when CNN rejected the cease and desist, Trump desperately sent his campaign's senior legal adviser, Jenna Ellis, on live television to blatantly fabricate issues with the poll.

Add your name to tell TV networks to stop booking Trump's lying mouthpieces and giving airtime to his war on facts.

These overt lies, this gaslighting of the American public is not only despicable – it's also incredibly dangerous and furthers the divisions in our country, giving Trump supporters false information to cling on to as they learn to distrust the media more and more. Fake news indeed.

TV networks have the autonomous ability to choose which voices they validate with airtime. But LIES aren't news. And until Trump's cronies decide to speak the truth, our news channels shouldn't consider them newsworthy.

Sign here to tell TV networks to stop giving airtime to Trump's cronies who overtly lie to the American public.

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