Demand that Kukum Kitchen in Toronto Ontario take seal meat off their menu

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It was recently announced in an article by Food and Wine, written by David Landsel on October 2, 2017 that a restaurant in Toronto, Ontario called Kukum Kitchen has started serving a seal meat dish. Although this is an indigenous restaurant, the seal meat comes from a commercial company called SeaDNA therefore has nothing to do with the indigenous hunt. The restaurant claims they are the only restaurant in Toronto that sells seal meat and we do not want this to become a new trend for restaurants. The seal slaughters are very violent, cruel, horrific, traumatizing and unnecessary. They are bludgeoned in the forehead with a tool called a hakipik or shot with a high powered rifle, then cut under their flippers to bleed out. There is blood everywhere and they suffer as alot of them do not die immediately.
It is 2017 and knowledge is power. We know that our Department of Fisheries and Oceans consider seals adults at only 6 weeks of age. We know that 90% of the seals killed are between 3 weeks to 3 months of age. We know that the killing of innocent beings is wrong. We know that due to global warming, the ice where these beautiful creatures live has been melting and the seal pups are drowning so killing them is NOT a matter of population control. We know that they have hearts, brains and feelings just like you and I. These are intelligent beings that do not want to die. Please sign and demand that Kukum Kitchen take seal meat off their menu. Let's protect the seals and keep them off our plates. 

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