Make Harry Potter a Netflix Original Series!

After fake rumors of a Harry Potter Netflix series emerged online, now I can't get the thought of this happening out of my head.

Many around the world enjoyed the book and/or movie series of Harry Potter and even Fantastic Beast. Being the captivating universe it is, I couldn't see how this wouldn't interest old and new fans anywhere.

Netflix never fails to ensure great casting, directing, and effects -- there's no way they could go wrong with a Harry Potter series! Hopefully we can come together and make this joyful childhood world we love to escape to as a binge-worthy series!

Please sign this petition if you want to see Harry Potter become a Netflix original series!

Thankyou for the comments and shares they mean the most!

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Thankyou for everyone who signed, shared and left meaningful comments. I plan to share this petition with Netflix when it reaches its goal. So I ask of you to kindly share this with friends, family and social media if you get the chance, It would make a huge difference.

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