Jude Law and Elle Fanning Should Donate Salary From Woody Allen Movie to Anti-Abuse Group

  • af: Kelsey B.
  • mottagare: Jude Law and Elle Fanning
Woody Allen allegedly sexually abused his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow when she was a child. She, her brother and her babysitter at the time have all spoken about this. That's why at least three actors who recently worked with Allen say they regret it and donated their salaries to anti-abuse causes. Selena Gomez is the fourth.

Now we are asking Jude Law and Elle fanning to do the same in denounces Allen's predatory ways and donating her salary to RAINN, the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund, or a similar group.

This is also not new information. Farrow has been talking about the abuse for many years, yet somehow most people just ignored her, discounted her and protected Allen. It just goes to show what good lawyers and fame and genius can do for a predator. 

But we are finally in a moment where power no longer insulated you from the consequences of being an abuser. That's why it's great to see people finally ending relationships with Allen.

Please sign on to ask that Jude Law and Elle Fanning use their power, fame and wealth to stand with the abused.
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Great news! Selena Gomez did donate to the TimesUp legal defense fund, and it was reportedly higher than her salary for this movie. Our pressure worked. Now we need to get Jude Law and Elle Fanning to follow suit.
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