Demand A Cease-fire in Syria Now, Lives Depend On It.

  • af: Anna B
  • mottagare: Governments of Russia and Syria
"Hell on Earth." That's what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls the region of Syria known as Eastern Ghouta. The opposition held territory has been bombarded non-stop in recent days raining terror and havoc upon the civilians that are caught in the crossfire between pro and anti-Syrian government forces.

At this moment nearly 400,000 innocent men, women, and children are trapped within the area and have no way to escape or safely receive add or supplies to keep them alive.

Russia, a staunch Syrian government supporter and a major player war in Syria, has suggested offering a daily 5-hour cease-fire to allow civilians to flee without threat. However, a daily 5-hour cease-fire is the least they could do. No one imagines that 5 hours is enough time to give locals a time to head for safety. So the UN Security Council has suggested setting up a more comprehensive halt to hostilities for 30 consecutive days.

This month-long break could really be the key between life and death for thousands in the region. A region in which, according to news reports, nearly 600 people have died in the last 10 days.

While the UN Security Council passed the resolution asking for the ceasefire "without delay" but it's being delayed by Russia and Syria. This ceasefire has the potential to save thousands of lives all parties need to stop dragging their feet and implement it now, especially Russia and Syria.

Please add your name to the call for peace in Syria. Sign the petition and demand that Russia and Syria implement a month-long ceasefire now.
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