Demand Farmers Insurance Pull Commercial Glorifying Trophy Hunting

  • af: Caroline C
  • mottagare: Michael Linton - Chief Marketing Officer

Farmers Insurance is currently running a TV commercial that glorifies trophy hunting. In this commercial a moose is entangled in a swing set, and instead of being set free to roam away from the obstacles set up by humans, we later see antlers mounted on a wall and being shown off by actor J. K. Simmons, implying the moose had been killed?

This ad is not funny, but in fact very cruel. 

It is an injustice towards the declining population of these animals. They are vulnerable to clothing lines and other obstacles left by humans in their way, this is not in any way a reason for them to be killed mercilessly! We should be working towards teaching people how to release an entangled Moose, not killing them. 

Moose are very calm animals. They are not a threat or predators, yet this commercial shows them as if they are. 

Join me in signing this petition telling Farmers Insurance to pull this commercial and associated advertising immediately! They must stop promoting trophy hunting and marketing ideas that promote the persecution of animals for their capitalist agenda!

Opdater #27 måneder siden
GOOD NEWS! I've been back & forth with Farmers Insurance where they realised that perhaps their message might have been sending an unintended message and have decided to pull the said commercial in its current form.Thanks to all who signed this. Pls be on the look out for similar ads whether from Farmers Insurance or companies that promote the persecution of animals. We must continue to fight for animals who have no voice. Every action we take for them makes a difference some way or another.
Opdater #19 måneder siden
I have now sent a message to Farmers Insurance about this petition, I am waiting to hear from them what they plan to do about taking down this commercial. I will update you as soon as I hear back from them.
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