The Bay Area Is Too Expensive - Don't Approve Bridge Toll Hikes!

This week, the Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee unanimously voted in favor of a measure that would raise Bay Area bridge tolls to $9 on the Bay Bridge and $8 on other bridges. Voters in Bay Area counties will have a chance to vote on the proposed increases, but first the measure must be approved by the Bay Area Toll Authority.

Please join in urging the Bay Area Toll Authority to reject these toll hikes now!

As housing costs skyrocket across the Bay Area, many people are being forced to move to more affordable areas and accept longer commutes to work. Unfortunately, since the Bay Area's main public transportation system, BART, is overly costly and doesn't reach all major cities in the Bay Area, many people are forced to drive to work often using one of the area's many bridges. But these toll hikes, on top of gas, would make driving unaffordable, too.

The cost of living in the Bay Area is already obscene. We cannot allow it to become completely unaffordable for anyone but the wealthy to live and work. Please sign this petition urging the Bay Area Toll Authority to reject the proposed toll increases now!
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