Support The Night Heron!

    Dear Friends, Musicians, Artists, Westside Community & beyond,

    If you've ever set foot inside The Night Heron - you probs loved it. We all know and love this space for its tasty beers, a beer garden that feels like you're at home, and let's not forget how supportive they are of diverse & local, emerging artists & musicians. They are such an important space, and one of the few left in the West of Melbourne.
    The Night Heron are in the process of applying for the Music Victoria Live-Music Venue Support Grant to get some urgently-needed cash.... and I bloody want to have a beer there as soon as this is over!!! Let's show our support online, so that hopefully we can all do that one day.
    Please sign this petition and leave a little comment of love and support if you can spare 2 minutes.

    Stay home,
    Stay safe.
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