Demand A Permanent Ban on Outsiders killing your animals

  • af: Jad Abou Zaher
  • mottagare: South African National Parks (SanParks), Pilansberg National Park

Dear SanParks and Pilanesberg National Park, I understand that you don't allow killing of wild animals in your parks, but I want to keep it that way forever. The killing of Skye the lion in 2018, proves that your lions and vulnerable into being baited into areas where they are allowed to be murdered for fun, such as in the Umbabat Nature Reserve, which was the case for Skye. Skye the lion was a pride male in his prime, with young lion cubs that depended on him for protection. So, in Skye's name, SanParks and Pilansberg National Park should put a permanent ban on outsiders killing their animals, and to keep it that way, as it is and should be, forever.

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