Republicans Have Found a New Sneaky Way to Control Women's Bodies

  • af: Care2 Team
  • mottagare: Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Florida
There seems to be nothing more threatening to Republican politicians than empowered women making choices about how, when and if they'd like to become parents. The newest trend in limiting a person's right to bodily autonomy is to give a fetus more legal rights than the woman within whom it grows. Heartbeat bills seek to ban abortion after 6 weeks and at least 6 states are trying to pass them this year. 

Sign on to oppose the heartbeat bills in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina and Florida. 

The two bills closest to passing right now are those in Georgia and Tennessee. If they pass, pregnant people in those states will effectivley not have access to abortion given that most people don't even know they're pregnant by that 6-week mark. These bills have never been about protecting unborn fetusus (at this point clusters of cells) but rather a need to control women. 

The "Conservative" party in America right now is quite invested in getting women out of the public sphere, and limiting their choices regarding parenthood is a good way to do that. If Republicans actually wanted fewer abortions, they would work on making birth control free and accesible to all. If they actually cared about babies like they say, they would pass laws that make parenthood easier and alleviate poverty to ensure more kids can have a safe and stable upbringing. But they don't do those things. Instead, they limit access to sex ed, limit access to birth control, limit access to abortion and limit resources for parents.

Republicans don't care about kids, they only seek to control women and we can't let it happen. Please sign on to stop these dangerous bills in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina and Florida. 
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