Demand an end to the killing of wolves in Norway

  • af: Mona Elise olsen
  • mottagare: The Nowegian governement and animal Hunter of Noeway

Now the killing-hunters are killing so many wolves in Norway that the whole World must help stop this evil meaningless Hunt. This year on the 6 th of january- more than 12 woves have already been killed! In Kynna area which is inside the wolf-zone!,- they have killed 10 wolves,-among them some one year old puppies that cryed and howled after their parents that already had been shot to death. The killer leader is Kristian Noer. And then of course the whole governement of Norway.You can send an email to and ask the departement to end this cruel murderhunt on wolves

Opdater #11 måneder siden
After several years in freedom,-yesterday,-the lonely wolf called Lucky,- was hunted down and killed by hunting-killers using helicopter and snow-schooters. The main killing-hunter was Stein Mortensbakke.Please help stop this killing on wolves!
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