ANIME Season 2 in "Cat planet cuties" (Asobi nI Iku yo)

  • af: Anime Fan S
  • mottagare: FUNimation and other creators of this show

Like most anime fans from 2015-2018,
They still think about season 2 on this anime show. I KNOW YOU GUYS THINK THIS IS A SILLY PETITION BUT AM SPEAKING FOR THE ANIME FANS. Even though this aired in 2015, Me and the others still believe that we can get this new season. This is for the Anime fans who enjoyed the series. MOST OF THE PETITIONS LIKE THIS GET 250 PEOPLE!
So let's just let FUNimation and the other anime creators of this series know that we are still talking.

Opdater #1cirka et år siden
Make sure to share this as much as you can so we can get the 200+ supporters we need for this to happen! PLEASE DO THIS FOR ALL OF US!
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