Arizonans deserve a working justice system, not political corruption and civil rights abuses

Arizonans deserve leaders who respect our civil rights, hold law enforcement accountable, and fight political corruption.

For too long Arizona's justice system has been focused more on making money and protecting politicians' personal interests than in serving the public. That's led to money being wasted filling jails with non-violent offenders and to tax-payer money being pumped into abusive private prisons.

In fact, since 2000, Arizona's imprisoned population has grown nearly twice as fast as the state population, with Black and Latinx Arizonans disproportionately serving in correctional facilities. The current system has only served to drive up the length of sentences and provides little-to-no incentive for rehabilitation while incarcerated.

Julie Gunnigle is running for Maricopa County Attorney to make sure real Arizonans have a voice, and that our civil liberties are protected. That means fighting family separation, addressing the devastation of mass incarceration by supporting diversion and rehabilitation, and spending money on programs that protect Arizonans instead of pumping cash into for-profit prisons.

Add your name today if you stand with Julie Gunnigle in calling for a more intelligent, just, and effective justice system for all Arizonans!
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