Take Action to Save the CBC!

The CBC is under threat. This is not a drill. 

Newly-minted Conservative leader Erin O'Toole campaigned for the leadership on a promise to privatize the CBC.

Not even Stephen Harper dared to promise to sell the CBC.

The time to act is now.

If you oppose Mr. O'Toole's plan to privatize the CBC, you need to let him know.

Please act now to say the CBC is not for sale!

Mr. O'Toole, I hear that you want to sell off CBC TV and Digital services. This is a bad idea.

If you want my vote, you need to put an end to this plan.

The CBC is the last major bastion of public service media delivering trustworthy journalism and enriching programming that Canadians love and depend on.

Listen to the millions of Canadians who love and cherish the CBC and stop your plan to privatize it.

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