Sky UK Didn't Make The Right Decision To Indefinitely Scrap The EPG Music, Please Put It To A Vote To See If It Should Be Brought Back

Dear Sky UK,

Firstly, let me tell you that I am now no longer representing myself, but others similar to me who have the same fascinations as myself, & as a 36 year-old man with autism, I, myself & I can imagine many others as well, were rather devastated when on the 1st of January 2018 & after around twenty years the epg (electronic programme guide) background music was finally scrapped for good due to the older standard Sky & Sky+ boxes no longer being updated as the newer Sky+HD & Sky Q boxes are proving much more popular with customers.

Meanwhile, back to myself, I was always a proud & devoted fan of the epg music, always wanted it changed more often throughout the year & got excited whenever it changed to new Christmas music each December & again to new ordinary music each January.

Now those exciting days are gone & how sad it now is whenever I look up the epg on the older standard Sky box I still have in my bedroom & it is now completely silent.

Just like myself, many others like simplicity, not advanced technology which can often come with many complications & features which older versions of that technology previously had that they enjoyed, new versions of that technology no longer come with it, & that is what upsets some people.

Yes change is important, well sometimes, but depending on what kind of change that is.

There is only one way in which myself & many others as well are willing to accept the fact that tht epg music has gone for good & that is for Sky to give their customers a vote on whether the epg music returns or not.

The question should be as follows.

"Should the epg music be brought back provided that there is also the option of a mini tv screen available?"

Viewers & customers can vote either YES or NO .

It is indeed a very simple straightforward Yes/No OPTION & I am 100% WILLING to accept the outcome of the vote REGARDLESS of what happens.

I am sure that the many others with similar fascinations to mine would also respect the outcome of a fair democratic vote.

If more people vote YES then Sky will HAVE to respect our wishes & BRING back the epg background music.

If more people vote NO then we will be finally WILLING to accept that Sky indeed HAVE scrapped the epg music for good & that there will be NO chance of it EVER returning.

In NO way at ALL should we influence the outcome of the vote, but people WILL vote Yes if they DO accept how passionate myself AND many others as well ARE about the epg music .

Obviously I will vote YES, but the choice is up to each other individual who VOTES.

For example, say 1000 people voted, only 499 say YES but a majority of 501 say NO, well I am WILLING to admit defeat & say, well, the viewers have spoken, they don't want the epg music brought back.

Of ANY means of bringing the music back or scrapping it forever, I firmly believe that a vote is the only way to certainty, clarity, fairness & closure.

So Sky, WILL you hold that vote?

Kind Regards 

Sean Andrew 

Petition Author 

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