Protect Our Health. Address The Climate Crisis Now!

Devastating out-of-control wildfires, insects devouring our forests, drought, and a shrinking Rocky Mountain snowpack. Climate change is already wreaking havoc on Colorado's environment — but did you know it also threatens our physical and mental health?

Climate change can crank up ground level ozone pollution, which impacts sensitive groups including the elderly and children. Burning fossil fuels, which drives climate change, produces a variety of pollutants which can aggravate asthma, decrease lung function, and even increase your risk of cardiovascular conditions including strokes. Colorado's increasingly frequent and destructive wildfires are also impacting our air quality.

Extreme heat events can be dangerous to health — even fatal. As the mercury rises, hospital admissions for heat-related illnesses and instances of cardiovascular and respiratory disorders increase. 

Climate change also threatens mental health. In the aftermath of natural disasters — fires, droughts, and other extreme weather events — instances of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, and domestic abuse often increase dramatically.

While prevention is the best medicine, we may be too late to halt climate change. Now, we need our leaders to step up and prioritize our health and support actions to address the climate crisis and mitigate its damages.

Sign the petition today and tell Colorado's leaders to prioritize our health and address the climate crisis now!
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