Sign to End Citizens United Before the 2020 Election

Speaker Pelosi just UNLEASHED a bill that would CRUSH Citizens United.

We would shine a light on dark, unlimited money -- and we would take Trump and the entire Republican party down in 2020!

But if she can't pass it, Trump's campaign for a second term will be virtually UNSTOPPABLE. Republican Mega-Donors will be able to fill his pockets with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars -- and there will be no way to stop them!

This is a MAJOR task, but we have Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Democrats ready to FIGHT for what's RIGHT. But they can't do it alone. We need a Democratic wave of support from true grassroots activists (like you!) who are ready to get money OUT of politics and TAKE TRUMP DOWN.

We need support from 25,000 Pro-Reform Democrats by Midnight to DEMAND Congress overturn this disastrous Supreme Court decision. Sign immediately.

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