Support Those In Need of Compassionate Care

When a loved one is facing a serious illness or reaching the end of their life, every moment together counts. In those difficult times, Capital Caring is there to provide quality care — from assistance with pain and symptoms, to hospice for our patients and counseling and comfort for their families.

Every day, our community-based care providers deliver world-class coordinated care 24/7 to nearly 1,200 patients and their families across the Greater Washington area — regardless of their ability to pay. In the last year alone, we provided quality care for 322 patients unable to pay, at a cost of nearly $3.3 million through our Patient Care Fund. This simply wouldn't be possible without supportive community members like you.

Capital Caring is also there for families. Last year alone, we provided more than 5,300 people of all ages with grief counseling, including our Point of Hope camps.

The need for this type of holistic care is growing all the time. In fact, last year, we saw a 7% increase in our hospice patients, nearly a 50% increase in our palliative care patients, and a 29% increase in our pediatric hospice patients. We can't continue to do this important work without the support of caring people like you.

Sign the pledge and show your support for Capital Caring's mission and those in need of compassionate care.
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