Demand Reconsideration On All Minorities Who Have Been Affected By The SBA’s Discriminatory Lending Practices!!!!

Roughly 95% of Black-owned businesses, 91% of Latino-owned businesses, 91% of Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander-owned businesses, and 75% of Asian-owned businesses stand close to no chance of receiving a PPP loan.

This concerns me because I am a black owned small business in America, and I too have once again become a casualty of the farce implemented by another US government agency to disallow POC from obtaining resources that rightly belong to ALL United States citizens that we have now been shut out from.

I am calling for 200,000 signatures so that I may put a team together and take this issue straight to the House Of Representatives so that change and oversight can be implemented and DEMAND RECONSIDERATION ON ALL MINORITY APPLICANTS POSTHASTE!!!!

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