Jamaica: Protect Shackelia and ensure justice for all those killed by police

When Shackelia's brother was gunned down by police, she took on a sluggish court system to fight for justice for his murder.

In response, the police harassed and intimidated Shackelia and her community to send a clear message to anyone that dared speak up. Determined to get justice for her brother, Shackelia will never give up.

In 2014 the police had been pursuing a "Rastafarian-looking" suspect in a robbery, and Shackelia's brother, Nakiea fitted that description. They found him in a small restaurant and shot him dead.

This is all too common in Jamaica, with some 2,000 killed in the past decade.

To bring her message home, Shackelia rallied dozens of families whose loved ones were similarly killed. The police reacted by raiding her community, timing their raids to coincide with her court dates. 

Shackelia has every right to seek justice without intimidation or harassment.

Join our call on the Prime Minister of Jamaica to protect Shackelia and ensure justice for all those killed by police.

The Honourable Andrew Holness
Prime Minister of Jamaica

I am concerned for Shackelia Jackson and other families who  have been harassed for standing up to police violence in Jamaica.

I call on you to ensure Sheckelia, her family, and other families are protected from police harassment. There is an urgent need to reform the justice system to ensure justice for Shackelia and other relatives of people allegedly killed by the police.

I stand with Shackelia and other families in their pursuit of justice.

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