Help support relief efforts for Hurricane Dorian!

The strongest cyclone ever to hit the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian claimed lives, destroyed homes and ripped apart tight-knit communities that had quietly flourished for generations. The hurricane completely destroyed parts of the islands. Thousands had no access to power, clean water or sanitation. And without medical care and vital services, people will continue to suffer.

International Medical Corps sent an emergency response team of doctors, nurses, logisticians, mental health specialists, and water, sanitation and hygiene specialists. They're still there, providing clean water, medical care, mental health services and disease prevention activities.

In fact, International Medical Corps is currently providing lifesaving medical care and mental health services in humanitarian disasters around the world. And they're training local health workers as part of every response, so those communities can be their own best First Responders when the next disaster hits.

Sign the pledge to say you stand with International Medical Corps and show the world you believe everyone deserves to live in safe, healthy communities. Your support is critical to bringing attention to this important issue! 

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