Act now to save the lives of mothers and babies

Every two minutes, a woman somewhere in the world dies from complications during pregnancy and childbirth which might have been prevented if they'd had access to basic health care and a trained midwife. Poor health and poverty go hand-in-hand – 99% of maternal deaths happen in developing countries.

But it doesn't have to be this way. If we act now, we can save lives.

Care International believes that all pregnant women should have access to antenatal support and health services – no matter where they live.

Will you stand with us to improve the health of mothers and their children?

Improving maternal care benefits entire communities because when mothers are supported to bring a child safely into the world, the positive effects last for generations to come. Providing mothers with basic health care means fewer die from childbirth and their children will be healthier and better-educated – helping families to lift themselves out of poverty.

Please sign our pledge if you believe that every mother and child deserves the right to basic health care which could save their lives.

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