Demand Congress Overturn Trump’s Gag Rule and Reinstate Planned Parenthood’s Title X Funding

[BREAKING] Donald Trump's Gag Rule JUST ripped Title X funding from clinics (like Planned Parenthood!) who give patients the full range of reproductive choices — including abortion care.

In 2018 alone, Title X funding allowed 3.9 MILLION people to get the healthcare they needed — and nearly half of these patients were people of color. Trump's Gag Rule leaves the most vulnerable women with nowhere to go for the reproductive health care they need.

Not only does this policy harm women, it also CRIMINALIZES doctors who provide referrals or honest, accurate medical advice about abortion care.

Our women and doctors deserve SO much better — so we're taking action! But in order to convince Congress to act, we need a MASSIVE wave of grassroots support.

So we're sending an Official Petition to Congress to DEMAND they repeal the devastating Gag Rule and reinstate Title X funding.
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