Join 2 Million Americans Protecting Health Care

Right now doctors, nurses, and hospital employees are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic working tirelessly to provide care and treatment to millions of Americans.

This dedication from hospital staff, and the importance of quality patient care, are why we founded the Coalition to Protect America's Health Care. We're a community of 2 million advocates, of all political stripes, who recognize the importance of making health care accessible for every person in our country. From the Northeast to the Southwest, and everywhere in between, we fight for quality care and defend hospitals and health systems so that you and your loved ones can access care whenever it's needed. Our work has never been more critical, and that's why we want you to join us today.

The health of you, your family, your community, and your fellow Americans is too important to take for granted. The Coalition ensures that your voice is heard.

Will you commit to protecting patients and the hospitals that serve them during this pandemic and beyond? Add your name to join our community of advocates today!
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