Justice for Ally Waddell; Expulsion of the white male and Suspension of Hispanic Female(I can not disclose the names of the attackers for legal reasons)

( I apolize I had to take names out of attackers and victims for legal reasons since they are minors but I Have personally recieved premission from the black female(victim)) On the date of Oct.8 2019 a African american Girl became a victim of a racially motivated attack. The girl, African american student, was bullied because of her natural hair by A Hispanic female After the Black Female had told her to simply stop A white Girl then continue and told her friends A white male (which was recently involved in a separate cyberbullying situation) and Another male.As the black female was walking to her next class The same white male then begun to charge at her yelling that he would Bash her face in and then proceeded to swing at the black female punching her and kneeing her in the neck until a student pulled him off of the black female . Legally the family of the victim are not permitted to say the response of the school but with that being said the school only punished the white male with 10 days of suspension.By signing this petition we are taking a stand for the African American student the black female who suffered this attack at northwest school of the arts, who claims they stand for "diversity" and have "zero tolerance for bullying" even though not all students were punished.The following shows the Rightful punishments for these students. White Male should be expelled for being violent, disorderly, and prejudice. Hispanic female should be suspended for inciting violence, bullying, and prejudice behavior.

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