Demand Change: Help Create a More Inclusive America

With hate crimes on the rise, our country is feeling more divided than ever. Research shows that there were 1,038 hate crimes in America's 10 largest cities in 2017 — the highest rate in more than a decade.

But this is not representative of who we are as Americans. This does not accurately reflect our country or our values. And a movement is growing to stand up and Erase The Hate.

From coast to coast, individuals and organizations are working locally and nationally on the frontlines to help create a more inclusive America.

Thousands of Change Makers are working every day to counter hate — they're standing up and speaking out against bias and discrimination. They are joining together and raising their voices to promote positivity and inclusivity. These are our people. And together, our voices can drown out hate and we can build a more inclusive America.

Are you in? Add your name and join the movement to help us #EraseTheHate.
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