STOP THE DEATHS! Close Down South Lakes Safari Zoo Cumbria U.K

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Please Support this Petition to close down This Zoo and hold David Gill accountable for Neglect! In February 2017 a report found 486 animals had died in This Zoo in Cumbria in just four years.

Also Tragically In 2013, keeper Sarah McClay, from Glasgow, was mauled to death by a tiger and the zoo was later fined for health and safety breaches.

David Gill had his bid for a fresh licence unanimously rejected after councillors previously rejected his claim to renew the licence, However, the closure is delayed if an appeal is made, which Mr Gill has 28 days to lodge.
Below are details from a report prepared by officers at Barrow Borough Council:

  • Three animals died after being run over by a miniature railway train
  • Sixteen animals were attacked and killed by members of their own species
  • A tortoise died after being electrocuted by electric fencing
  • Seven healthy lion cubs and five young baboons were "euthanised" because there was not enough space
  • Mr Gill shot 18 Sacred Ibis birds after he was threatened with prosecution for letting them fly free
  • A giraffe was shot by its keeper after collapsing
  • Two snow leopards were found partially eaten
  • A pair of squirrel monkeys were diagnosed with septicaemia

Sign now to demand councillors not grant a licence to South Lakes Safari Zoo and for the animals that remain there to be relocated to somewhere they can live out their lives in appropriate living conditions and to receive the care they fully need.

A zookeeper told the inspection team they had been told "to just dispose of any dead bodies and not tell anyone about them". Investigators found animals with varying degrees of ill-health, including a meerkat with visible skin problems, a lemur with a sore and a kangaroo "incredibly emaciated and unwell". They also found the penguin pool without any water. Inspectors concluded: "The lack of senior supervision and management is evident throughout the zoo, including the failures of the local veterinary service, leading to deplorable standards, compromised welfare and deaths."

I urge you not to grant a licence to South Lakes Safari Zoo and for the animals that remain there to be relocated to somewhere they can live out their lives in appropriate living conditions and to receive the care they fully need.

Update #5vor 5 Jahren
The council are meeting soon to review the renewal of the South Lakes Safari Zoo licence. It's more important than ever to share this petition with your friends and ask them to sign it too. Tell the council to say NO to more animal deaths and health and safety concerns at this zoo of death.
Update #4vor 6 Jahren
As The council have granted licence to keeping the Zoo open and My Petition has been compltely IGNORED Please Feel free to email them to express your feelings here is there email

Contact Information

01229 876543


Borough of Barrow in Furness
Town Hall
Duke Street
Barrow in Furness
LA14 2LD

Telephone Enquiries
08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Thursday
08:30 – 16:30 Friday

Update #3vor 6 Jahren
I have some Very Disappointing News and I am very Angry.
firstly i want to thank all of you for your support! thank you for caring!
The Council in Barrow in Furness Cumbria Lake District has Decided to keep the Zoo Open and have granted application to David Gills Partner
Please Feel free to email the Council with your discust at
I wont give up on this fight!

Update #2vor 6 Jahren
Hi All Just to let you know that i have sent of the Petition to the Relevant people and have sent it off to the Barrow Council and BBC NEWS and SKY NEWS and The RSPCA
So i will keep you in the loop with what happends next!

Thank you
Update #1vor 6 Jahren
Wow Thank you from The Heart for all the support from you wonderful kind people!
The Petition signitures are Flying in So a BIG BIG THANKYOU!
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