Petition for modification of Corections law s/s 608 Level 2 to level 1

    21 years crime free in the community off of parole supervision sense 12/2001
    complied with all terms of supervision includind drug and alcohol treatment .
    66 years old 09/08/1955, ssn: 094 50 8057
    16 years of steady employment with skyworks equipment rental , 10 yrs. 100 thielman drive. buffalo ny 14206 immediate supervisor Shane Barlo 716 818 2910
    Bluebird bus lines 1 yr. Craft trucking Pendleton ny 14094. 1 yr. Romar mechanical , buffalo ny .
    top of my class in all prison trade schools with certificates, I.E. electrical trades, hvac, automotive
    cdl a drivers license, # 162 378 439
    bi monthly blood donor to connect life
    disabled sense 08/2015 with knee replacements, nerve damage both feet
    property owner (no mortgage) established a irr revocable trust for both children my daughter being the executor of the estate
    offense free 21 years
    normal life stile and good standing with my neighbors
    county supervisor deputy sheriff Joesph w. Flagler niagara county cell # 716 930 5953
    criminal history from 1996 to present

    I truly believe I have earned the downward modification and I respectfully request it

    Sincerely Jan A. Polley
    7425 bear ridge rd.
    Pendleton NY. 14120
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    Petition unterzeichnen
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