Poachers Slaughtered One-Third of Botswana's Endangered Rhinos

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Over the past five years, authorities in Botswana reported that poachers murdered off approximately one-third of all the endangered rhinos living on its land.

This is a huge leap over the previous five years. During that period, poachers claimed the lives of 2 endangered rhinos. But from 2018 through 2022, they butchered 138 animals - that we know about.

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Botswana officials are deeply alarmed by this trend. After conducting an analysis, they concluded this increase is due to "increased demand for rhino horn in the international market, hence, poachers." In addition, international criminal syndicates have been leaving southern African states to seek fresh wildlife elsewhere.

That's partly because South Africa has been so successful in fighting off poachers by hiring more patrols for national parks.

The Botswana government is responding to this huge spike in poaching by increasing its deployment of rangers and law enforcement. Nongovernmental conservation organizations are also working to help patrol areas where rhinos live, to protect them.

But Botswana shouldn't be left alone to fund these efforts! Rhinos are important to the whole world, and none of us want to see their species wiped out or cruelly slaughtered. Botswana shouldn't have to bear this hefty responsibility alone.

Tell the international community to provide additional funding to assist Botswana's anti-poaching efforts! Sign the petition to help protect endangered rhinos now!
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